USA Chef HONESTLY Reviews our ‘Southern Cooking'! | Sorted Special Ep 2/2

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 USA Chef HONESTLY Reviews our ‘Southern Cooking'! | Sorted Special Ep 2/2

USA Chef HONESTLY Reviews our ‘Southern Cooking'! | Sorted Special Ep 2/2

 [ Ben ] - This is Amethyst Ganaway, award-winning chef, (, camera clicks, ), food writer and Charleston native And in 48 hours we were going to be cooking our version of a southern dish for her to judge. We were already 24 hours in learning everything we could about Charleston's history and food scene. However, there was still so much more for us to explore, taste and discover in order for us to impress the chef You have to get this right. 
 . On the tour we learned about Philip Simmons, a blacksmith from the Gullah community.

Best place to sell cooking products?

He gained global respect for his decorative iron works And in the city of Charleston there are 500 of his masterpieces at least including this one. With the heart in the gate, 

Welcome to gate hunters, (, rock music, ) Wrought iron gates, 
Beautiful example of gate within a gate, This bird gate is art, Curious, lattice, gate with things and spikes and things Some more intricate than others. There must be more in the area. 
I can feel it Found one: It's an Irish heart, Another one Izzy stay there, 
There might be something in here: Oh look Such a fruity example. Another fine example of a gate Everywhere you look more gates.

( rock music stops ) (, upbeat music ). After all that excitement it was time to refuel 

Ebbers headed over to Sorghum and Salt for some twist on classic Charleston dishes. ( upbeat music continues ). Here we go again: ( glasses, clink, ). There'S one thing I would say about the local breweries: Damn delicious 
First up nectarine, cashew and pickled peppers, I'm kind of excited for this one Beautiful juicy, seasonal fruit And then clever, spicing with a pickled pepper as well.

This is kind of exciting 
Southern local ingredients turned into something you've never seen before: Peanut marshmallow, collard, green kimchi And then a crumb made from sesame seeds and ancho pepper, ( upbeat music continues. ), No words Izzy. Try that 
Another example of fruit: that's perfectly seasonal, wonderfully Southern, but with a different and fusion twist A masala vinegarette feta cheese, shiso leaf and sea bean, albeit we would call that sand fire over beautifully white watermelon. That is a taste sensation. So this is unicorn grits.

It'S a combination of Jimmy red corn and blue corn, combined with 20-hour cooked pork, shoulder that's been cooked in Carolina spices, 
And it is sensational Such a great recommendation of a place. 

Sorghum and Salt pays such respect to the ingredients. The flavours are incredible: The plating is beautiful, 
But my biggest takeout is a phrase that they have coined: `` locavore'', That is someone who eats a diet predominantly of locally produced ingredients, And the great thing about Charleston is you've got the farms. You'Ve got the local breweries, you've got access to the creeks and the ocean. It is just abundant with local ingredients.

What a meal 
Problem is a whole day or two of inspiration, And whilst we've got ideas of how to make good food, can we make excellent food? Let'S find the boys to find out ( upbeat music fades out: ) ( air whooshes, ) (, funk music ). We all met up at Bitty and Beau's coffee shop to speak with Dee Dee, to find out about the incredible work that they do: ( funk. Music continues, ), Bitty and Beaus are siblings with Down Syndrome. 

And their mom Amy made it possible to make a coffee shop run by people with disabilities.

I'M a barista Make both hot drink and cold drink [ Ben ], And what about the food Ooh? The food is the bomb 
( group, laughs ), I mean trust me Believe me. We started doing cake pops this year and it is so good. It'S like fireworks put into your mouth, ( Ben laughs, ), [ Ben ]. We definitely wanted one of those 
But first coffee and planning our dish.

Why don't we just take everything, we've learned and do a ... Homage 
A homage, I think, actually green, fried tomatoes have been on every menu, Fried tomato plus a jammy thing Like pickled watermelon, 

We had quite a bit watermelon 
Could we put the watermelon in the jam Instead of fruit, He's doing the thing that he does where he just says: ..

"Give me Just 5 minutes and I'll show you how to make over 100 Mouth-Watering Budget-Friendly Vegan Meals Your Whole Family Will Enjoy"!

It'Ll taste, red (, Ben and Mike laugh, ) Yeah Who's, taking responsibility for each section. Shall I write a smart shopping list? ( group laughs, ) Yeah. We should actually write some shopping list. 
[ Ben ], Before we left there was one last thing we needed to see: Okay, So the red dots and the papers are, people are from And then the yellow dots are the franchise locations.

We'Ve got ta. Add a London to that. Surely, 
Thank you so much You're welcome ( hands, clap ), ( Dee Dee, giggles, ) (, funk music continues, ) (, funk, music stops, ) (, upbeat music, ), [ Ben ]. It was time to head to Charleston City Market to pick up some local ingredients Opening in the 1790s. The market occupies over four blocks of single-story buildings and is known as one of the South's most vibrant and historic locations.

( upbeat music continues, ) After getting lost in the enormous labyrinth of local memorabilia and delicious ingredients. We paid-up and headed to our B & B, where we would put everything we'd bought and learnt to use. 

Boys ( laughs ). This is gon na, be okay, Oh nice. This is lovely.

Look at that! 
Something like this for sure, [ Ben ]. How sweaty are your hands? I wan na leave Right. We'Ve got all of our ingredients.

The house that we've rented we've turned up and it actually looks like the photos online, which is brilliant And it's got a fully stocked kitchen, so we can actually get on with everything that we need to do. So. The one thing that we are missing for our dish is sherry And I've been sent on a mission to find it. They didn't have it in the supermarket, where we got the ingredients from 
They didn't have it in the off-license across the road; They don't have it in the Tippling Bar, which looks like an amazing wine bar 

But Matthew the owner of Tippling Bar has given me a recommendation for a restaurant. Just up here.

I'Ve got ta see if they've got it Ugh. This 
.., This is gon na, be the finishing piece Hello. I'Ve got a really random request.

[ Speaker ], Okay, [, Jamie ]. I was wondering if I could get a glass of sherry to take away Success. ( air whooshes, ) Boys. I have sherry. It looks like you're off to the doctors with a sample.

Ah, I can't believe this is actually happening. Mike you can tell. Ebbers is cooking for another chef'cause. All I can smell is butter, (, laughs, ), Yep, Nice Look, 

Look, I think she-crab soup French quarter is gon na be butter. Then it's gon na be mirepoix. Onion, garlic, celery, carrot bay leaves very important And then once that's sweated down, stock cream crab or finish with sherry 
I'M setting up the pann station Woo woo We've got seasoned flour, eggs, cracked into a bowl breadcrumbs And into the breadcrumbs we're putting this Gullah seasoning from the market in downtown 
And when we asked Edna what her very special blend of seasonings were, she said this is a bit of every spice that is on the table that is left over after everything's been bagged up. This is Gullah seasoning, making the most of what is there Love that ( upbeat music continues ), I am on tomato duty, So I have sliced our green tomatoes to a finger thickness because we're gon na pann those and then fry them 
So many of the menus in Charleston had fried green tomatoes. We loved the combo we had in 82, Queen with the bacon and the tomato jam, And we're gon na serve those with an amazing, tangy, watermelon and tomato relish You're, showing your normal-ness by sitting down.

As you cook [ Mike ] Yeah, it's true 

( laughs ), You ever seen a chef, sit down and cook Lazy. I'M really hoping ( knife chopping ) that the watermelon is super sweet And we might have- [ Mike ]'Cause. You forgot to buy sugar, [ Ben ]. I forgot to buy sugar 
We might have to go back out and get some sugar ( Mike laughs ). I wonder who's gon na have to do that.

[ Ben ] Boys we're gon na be right. Our watermelon's brilliant [ Mike ], Is it sweet. 
[ Ben ] Mm [ Mike ] Good Relish is an all-in-one method, ( watermelon thuds ), with our local watermelon, red tomatoes, shallot, garlic, apple, cider, vinegar and mustard seed, Homage to the tomato and bacon sauce or jam that we had at 82, Queen The smoked tomato Caramel we had at Crew Cafe and so many of the inspired ideas from Sorghum and Salt 

Boil it all down for about an hour ( upbeat, music continues: ) [ Mike ] Tomato testing, time, ( spoon, thuds, ), We're testing for tomato pann and seasoning Cheers. Pann seems good mate. 
( upbeat music continues: ) [ Mike ] Yeah, Single pann, Single pann, No salt on top More seasoning in the breadcrumbs 
Sounds like a plan.

They are amazing. Aren'T they Wow? This is gon na, be good Heavy cream, plus some water, plus our crab all going into the softened veg 
The bedrock of so many dishes in Charleston and our dish is gon na be grits. But we've chosen this. It'S a blend of different corn, including the Jimmy Red corn, which we know is an ancient grain.

That'S kind of had its revival So that we're gon na make pretty simply just with water base and cook out, But then we're gon na run through it a really creamy she-crab soup. 
So without thickening that with roux combine the two, we should end up something delicious. Has anyone ever made this before? No, It's opposite to risotto. 

Add the liquid first and then slowly add the grits 
[ Ben ]: Oh I've, never taught a chef how to cook a recipe before [ Ben ], (, laughs, ) You're, not teaching him You're.

Reading from a book ( Mike laughs, ), I'm teaching him the recipe. 
He doesn't know the recipe. I think we want about a four to one ratio of grits to liquid [, Jamie ], Okay, But no scale. Just good luck. 
( upbeat music stops ) (, Mike laughs, ) Worked out a solution to Ebber's challenge.

We don't have any measuring cups, but we need to measure a very exact ratio of our grits to our liquid Enter the blender which has measurements on it. I'Ve added the grits bit by bit and now I'm stirring continuously until I thicken, But seeing this is the first time I've done it. I'Ve got absolutely no idea if it's right, 
The Jimmy Red corn that we learned about gives off a really nutty toasty flavour 

So when combined with the white and yellow grits, we're hoping it really comes through and really pays tribute to the revived Jimmy Red Corn, that we learned everything about [ Ben ], How we do for time, boys, [, Jamie ] - Ah always good, (, laughs ). He just picked up my tomato 
He goes ``. These look really good, actually .

', Actually ( group laughs ). I didn't emphasise the `` actually''. I said ``. These actually just look really good .''.

He may also set down his breast, so he really meant it 
(, Jamie laughs, ), Look as I say, I've just never seen anyone cook sat down. 

( Mike laughs, ) I've had an idea boys for garnish. These carrots come with. Amazing carrot tops, so we should dress it with some iced. Carrot tops as well as our pickled sea bean [ Mike ] Love that That is a great idea.

[ Ben ] Excellent Grits have been resting, Whoa they're, so thick That looks better Yeah. 
They'Re not cooked yet But ....

You have to get this right, I'm most nervous about the grits, because none of us [ Ben ] Me too .'Cause. That'S your bit have ever cooked it. What 
What'D, you mean What Well I've done: the she-crab soup and the tomato chutney Mike's done the fried green tomatoes. 

The grits is your bit: 
( laughs ), I'm really nervous about the grits ( Jamie laughs, ), So Amethyst has just arrived.

Mike'S asking her a load of questions now She's lovely, But I also saw her switch a little bit when she told us not to screw this up. 
And I'm quite worried now: ( electronic music, ) ( air whooshes ). Should we talk you through it? Yes, please 

So what we have here is Brits make grits Okay, 
We'Ve got she-crab ( air whooshes, ) soup, grits, [, Amethyst, ], All right now, [ Ben ], With fried green tomato coated in Gullah seasoning and then a tomato and watermelon relish [ Amethyst ], Okay, [ Ben ], Sea bean carrot tops and a nice sweet tea. 
( air whooshes ) Now also we got some bowl of peanuts.

Am I allowed to talk about those Yeah Yeah [, Jamie ], Mhm 
[ Amethyst ] Yeah Off the top. I'M wondering why there ain't no chilli flakes on there. ( tape, rewinds ) (, Mike laughs, ). That'S one thing I'm looking for, But not everybody likes them spicy. You know!

Well, you got ta play to the crowd. 

We don't know, Like you ..., That's true.

I can't make excuses: ( group laughs ). No, no, I don't know [ Ben ] Dig in All right. I got ta go for the grits first 
The grits slap ( Mike gasps and claps ), That's what we wanted to hit. Did you wash these grits first? So it's not a major step right, But with most stone ground grits, especially if you're using very local Charleston grits you wan na rinse'em.

The same way that you would rinse rice, They're, extremely starchy, [ Ben ], Mhm [, Jamie ], Right Right, 
But also, more importantly, a lot of the little flakes are the hull in the husk of the corn And it'll rise to the top, and you can skim them. [ Ben ]. You can scoop those off off the top 

Oh yeah, Not a bad thing. 
Not a bad thing, I think it adds some nice texture to it. I am a firm believer in water, butter, salt and pepper in my grits, But I think the addition of the she-crab soup really plays well actually with the natural flavour of the grits in here.

So I think you guys did really good that one 
Ooh, I'm gon na try this separate [ Ben ], Oh Okay, Cross between a ketchup and a relish 
We couldn't decide on the word. 

Don'T use ketchup, ( group, laughs, ), It's nice and sweet Tomatoes are cooked perfectly. I like the seasoning on the tomatoes. 
Did you put cornmeal on them? No, No!

Ah, no Good! 
Breadcrumbs So I mean that would be the one thing That I like that y'all did this a little different Cause? Usually traditionally you won't just.. 
You'Ll see fried green tomatoes, have a little flour.

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You dredge'em flour, you know And then you deep fry'em 

I, like the breadcrumbs even better than I would like corn meal. It'S fantastic 
Y'All make me happy: ( laughs, ), Yes, ( group cheers and claps ). You kept us tenterhooks for so long, (, laughs, ). This is good Ben. If this comes crashing down because of your iced tea.

.. ( Ben giggles ). You need some more sugar here: More sugar Hell, yeah 
You need some more sugar, ( group, laughs ), I'm worried for your blood sugar levels, ( laughs, ), Final judgement, Brits or grits You're, getting two thumbs up. 
Two thumbs up ( Mike claps, ), ( group, claps ) Well done boys And thank you.

You'Ve heard it here. First Well done. 
Thank you so much. I also wanted to put the plate on top of of something wrought: iron in celebration of Phillip Simmons and all of the gates around the city, which I have loved hunting down. 

[ Amethyst ] Yeah ( group chuckles ), But he did just take that from the stove top Just so know.

( group laughs ), I'm like ``, It's a nice little stand. I might need me one of these .'', It's the thought that counts And I think you really were able to grasp so many aspects of what Charleston and Lowcountry cuisine really mean. More importantly, you guys shed light and really did justice to the ingredients. 
What I think is the most important part of what our cuisine is really about is just letting the food shine on its own.

That was good, Excellent, ( group claps ). Thank you so much. Thank you. So much 
Thank you guys, You're a hero, I'm a hero, I'm a she-ro 

She-Ro Yeah [ Ben ], We loved our time in Charleston and we're so happy to have met such incredible and welcoming people Over the past 48 hours. We learned so much about a city with such rich culture and history.

Charleston really had delivered. 
( electronic music ) And to get positive feedback from Amethyst. Well, in our eyes at least, it was mission complete ( electronic music continues. ) ( electronic music fades out ) 

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