Thai-Style Meatballs in Under in 10 Minutes | Gordon Ramsay

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Thai-Style Meatballs in Under in 10 Minutes | Gordon Ramsay

Now, throughout my travels across asia, there's always one dish that i was desperate to taste spicy, delicious meatballs, packed with the most amazing flavor. So today, i'm going to show you how to make a delicious thai style lettuce, wrap right, oscar pan down pan down traditionally we're making these with pork. But today i'm gon na do the lamb, okay super lean, incredibly healthy. So it's sort of almost like a hodgepodge smorgasbord of bits and bobs put together: beautiful chives, coriander lettuce, chinese lettuce, baby cucumbers, radishes leftover rice, a little bit of chili, which will get really nice and crispy, and then a nice fragrant thai chili paste. Now, first off.

Let'S have 10 minutes on the clock. Please right: let's get the lamb in there like, i said traditionally, it's done with pork and beef, but today's gon na be lamb, so salt and pepper, okay, a touch of chili flake. Yes, the thai paste, which is a really nice fragrant paste in and because it's lamb, okay, it doesn't need a lot of work. Okay, it's mince i like to put a little bit of olive oil in there and then you just literally scrunch that up now the seasoning, salt and pepper and then of course, lime. Lamb needs that level of acidity.

It was pork or lamb. It'S still needed so lime zest in okay, and that makes it a little bit more fragrant but packed with flavor. Now from there give that a really good mix. Okay, i don't like adding egg egg gives it a sort of strange texture. You can't really identify it's lamb.

I like to go into sort of golf ball sizes, okay, roll and once you've got the golf ball size, two fingers on and just pat round. So it's almost like a a sort of fish cake shape almost like a little miniature hockey, puck okay beautifully done now too thick and an actual nightmare to literally cook evenly. So i, like them a sort of centimetre the nice thing about these. Is they don't need to be perfectly shaped? Just get your golf ball round two fingers on top pat it and then in between your index finger and your thumb.

Okay and yeah one more two more round on top down round two fingers on top and then lift it up and shape it beautifully. Okay, now clean the hands; okay, now we've got the shape pan get it nice and hot, get your second pan, nice and hot. As well and get that rice, nice and crispy - and so this dish sort of comes together, uh beautifully because it's almost done with like leftovers, okay in squash them down again as they go in get some color on there, push them down again in and push them Down in and push them down remember the actual lamb is cold on top, so he's not gon na burn yourself pan for the rice from there get that rice in and get it nice and flat again. Okay, use the back of the spoon and sort of pat that down: okay, pat pat pat and that's gon na get it really nice and crispy. Okay, in that rice, i'm gon na take a chili and literally just slice.

It nice and thinly. Okay, nice and thinly seeds in okay, fresh chili and sort of caramelize beautiful crispy rice is amazing. Sit that on there i'll take a little touch of coriander cilantro same thing, different country up and then literally in i'm going to come back to that in a minute. Let that sit there and get nice and crispy now for the nam jim sauce. First off we start off with fish sauce one nice tablespoon with about five little dabs.

One tablespoon in fish sauce gives that really nice, sour flavor and after that, a nice tablespoon of maple syrup. Okay: three glugs one big spoon, a touch of chili in there, some beautiful toasted peanuts in there. Okay, now look at the look at the cakes. Look at the meatballs turn them over. For that nice spicy smell gas goes up a touch, roll them to the side.

Let that pan do the work tilt the pan and it helps cook down the center of that. Let'S get it nice and crispy. This dipping sauce is something you can make up at the beginning of the week and it just sits there. I like it on fish. I like on chicken and equally as delicious, especially with lamb, now fresh lime, roll that light very heavily done when you roll it like that, it helps to break down all that juice.

So when you come to squeeze it, it's absolutely packed with flavor beautiful now. Now i'm jim done mix that up into the bowl beautifully done really nice beautiful, dipping sauce rice, give that a nice little toss, look at the color of that as you've got that nice and crispy back down and push it back down. All i want is the color on there chili's working his magic and look. I'M gon na make that a touch more fragrant time. Please, five minutes!

Halfway, get your grater zest over that rice. It'S gon na make a really nice fragrant, crispy rice, so tasty, really tasty cilantro, fresh chili, cilantro, fresh chili and lime zest beautiful now. Look at these gas down beauty done now we're going to start sort of building up this plate. Okay, i've got my big sort of lettuce leaves that's the outside lettuce leaves and that's going to be like sort of cup. Okay and the idea here is you sort of almost like going into a pickle mix.

You sort of take a little bit of the radish. A little bit of the cucumber the cucumber gives it the refreshness cools down the heat, and it's so tasty, especially with the lamb again, the radish, a nice mild, onion, flavor, so good. Next, there you've got these beautiful large spring onions cut them on the bias right. In the side, you sort of cool down those lettuce cups with the amazing spring onions, look, the radishes, don't slice them, just cut them in half and then into quarters and look. They can sit there all day long.

The stalks are so tasty, don't throw them away again in half and then each half into quarter. As you can see, this lovely little plethora of ingredients. So it's all coming together, beautifully chives, don't over chop them. Do nice batons. So you can taste the chives okay, big, thick batters of chives, stick them in the middle and then from there.

Your cilantro literally just through and what i like to do is just chop it roughly and just sort of put a nice little mound there and now look. You can see that plate coming together watch because this land has no fat in there. These things cook so beautifully and so quickly all right give that a little turn so crispy beautiful time. Please and then you start lifting this. This plethora of asian flavor, almost a little bit sort of street food, especially the lettuce cup, and you start literally piling this up used to be done and then with the rice.

Look how crispy. That is all you do, then, is just drop that rice on top of your beautiful amazing thai style meatballs. I love eating rice like this. It'S just so healthy light, crispy and so moorish amazing here goes on. There goes over there and there you go.

There'S your rice, crispy and steaming, and there we have our beautiful lamb thai style meatballs a perfect platter for a great feast to all of you. Thank you for watching ramsey intent. If i went too quick, i apologize but slow it down. Now don't forget to pick up ramsey intent, cookbook inspired by this series and trust me, you want to come out a much better chef and if you like this video, don't forget to subscribe to my amazing youtube channel for more good luck. You

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